Meeting new people is just one of the best attributes Mike Batteas boasts about when discussing his role as president/owner of MIRA Enterprises. Mike has built over 500 Sonic Drive Ins across 30 states and takes extreme pride in that accomplishment, too. When asked about the additional features of his work and role, his answer is fast and confident – the expression on his customers’ faces when they see the finished product firsthand. Mike’s not afraid of change either; he believes there is always something to learn. Perhaps that might be the catalyst to what’s interesting about Mike – his ability to run any equipment just by observing the applicable machinery.

As an Eastland native, Rebecca Batteas identifies the opportunity to work alongside her family, her travels, and meeting new people as the key features of her role as owner of MIRA Enterprises. When asked what Rebecca believes is a valuable lesson in her current capacity, her answer is swift and confident – maintaining a healthy work/life balance – a great philosophy many should adopt! Though some would find it tough to believe, Rebecca was a quiet, almost shy child; now, she says, “there isn’t a soul around that would say that about me.”

Be sure to move fast if you’re in front of Jessica Batteas, Director of Project Management. Why? Because not only does Jessica enjoy the fast-paced aspect of MIRA Enterprises, but Jessica thrives on it! When asked how the Eastland native would describe her career, Jessica’s answer is quick and concise: challenging, rewarding, and engaging. As the oldest daughter of MIRA Enterprises’ founder and president, Jessica has worked in several capacities, yet what she loves most about her job – regardless of what role she plays – is the fast environment and the continued growth.

Though he began his work with MIRA Enterprises immediately upon his high school graduation, Construction project manager Cody Bullock knew that he wanted to be in construction while still in school. His job responsibilities have allowed Cody to travel and see the country. Seeing a job’s progress from concept to reality is an excellent attribute of Cody’s work. Constantly changing and sometimes challenging, Cody finds his work rewarding. A MIRA Enterprises’ team member for 15 years, Cody finds taking pride in his work a valuable lesson he’s learned – and embraces each day.


Sonic #1849

Canton, TX

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DUE DATE: 12/27/2022 @ 5:00PM CST